The Tynemouth Group hopes to restore the outdoor pool to its former glory after a 10-year campaign

As thousands of people flock to the North East Coast to enjoy the area’s stunning beaches this summer, a dedicated campaign group have renewed calls to restore an iconic part of Tynemouth’s seafront.

Now nearly a century old, Tynemouth Outdoor Pool was first opened to the public in 1924. The pool was built to provide people with a safe space to swim away from the cold North Sea, and quickly became an iconic highlight of the northeast coast.

The attraction spent decades as a popular spot for locals and holidaymakers alike, before falling into disrepair in the 1990s. The buildings around the pool were demolished and the pool itself was filled in – but for inhabitants of the northeast coast, the remnants of the pool that still stands today at the southern end of Long Sands beach will be a familiar sight.

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One group has spent the past 10 years campaigning tirelessly to restore the pool to its former glory. The Friends Of Tynemouth Outdoor Pool committee have been working on a detailed proposal to regenerate the site, bringing in experts including architects and surveyors to draw up plans.

The group hopes to bring back a modernized version of the outdoor pool in Tynemouth, similar to others across the UK which have proven to be a big hit with locals – comparing plans for Tynemouth to Gourock Outdoor Pool in Inverclyde, UK Scotland, which underwent a major improvement project in 2011. The plans garnered huge support from the local community, with a Facebook page dedicated to pool rejuvenation earning over 16,000 likes.

What the restored pool could look like according to plans drawn up by the Friends Of Tynemouth Outdoor Pool group

The campaign has presented its plans to North Tyneside Council – but the project has long been stuck in the planning stage according to members, who say they have been ‘going around in circles’ with the Council over the past decade over the pool. They are hoping to get the pool regeneration plans on the agenda of the council’s planning committee so that planning permission can be obtained – but they say the council has yet to list the pool on the ‘agenda.

The campaign group launched a community sharing program in 2016 and said they had received enough pledges from members of the public keen to see the pool brought back to life to raise half a million pounds – but the fundraising cannot take place before the building permit. is received. Member Peter Coulson says he has written to councilors and his local MP to try to push the plans forward.

A long-time resident of Tynemouth himself who used the pool regularly in the 1980s as a member of a triathlon club, Peter says of the current state of the pool: “I’m quite appalled at the way whose Council, as owners of the pool, allowed it to degenerate into such a mess.

John Sparkes, director of regeneration and economic development at North Tyneside Council, said: “Council is currently considering two planning applications for the refurbishment, refurbishment and reinstatement of existing structures at Tynemouth Outdoor Pool, and consent general for the construction of a new building.

“Since we came before Council we have worked with the group of friends to resolve some of the complex issues associated with the old swimming pool structure which is also located within the Tynemouth Conservation Area.”


Richard F. Gandhi