The Langbank couple received the OBE award for hairdressing services

Alan and Linda Stewart, co-owners of Scotland’s largest salon group and multiple award winners, Rainbow Room International, were invited to an investiture ceremony held at the Palace of Holyroodhouse in Edinburgh, during which they received their OBE award for services to the hairdresser from Her Royal Highness The Princess Royal.

Alan and Linda Stewart, who live in Langbank, were made aware that they were to receive an OBE for hairdressing services in 2020, where they received an email advising them that they were receiving an OBE and further information from the Cabinet Office before their names appeared in the New Year’s Honors List.

Alan and Linda are the founders of the Rainbow Room International hairdressing group and alongside the creation of Scotland’s largest salon group they have also opened a prestigious state-of-the-art academy with an advanced development program training apprentices and established hairdressers of the whole world.

They have created their own brand of Rainbow Room International products, raised an incredible amount of money for Glasgow and hairdressing industry charities and won numerous awards for their business acumen and creativity.

Last week, Alan and Linda visited the Palace of Holyrood House for an official ceremony where they received their insignia in person from HRH The Princess Royal in the presence of their family before being invited to a Royal Garden Party, which sees those who have received honours, debutantes and members of the royal family come together to celebrate, recognize and reward public service.

Linda Stewart, co-owner of Rainbow Room International, said: “It was such a surreal experience to attend the investiture ceremony at the Palace of Holyroodhouse and the Royal Garden Party.

We had a wonderful time and were thrilled to have met and heard from so many inspiring people who have made a significant contribution to their community.

“We are still in shock to have received this award, but we are extremely grateful and grateful that our work in the hairdressing industry has been recognized in this way.”

Richard F. Gandhi