Tejjy Inc. Design Build BIM Services Firm Expanding Horizons with Technology Integration

Tejjy Inc. Design Build BIM Services Firm Expanding Horizons with Technology Integration

Virtual design and construction

Virtual design and construction

Revit BIM Services

Revit BIM Services



Facility Operation and Maintenance Services

Facility Operation and Maintenance Services

As a BIM service provider in the United States, Tejjy expands its horizons with technology integration completing over 2400 projects in DC, VA, MD, Baltimore, CA, etc.

Our BIM services have provided clients with better project design that is executed on time and on budget. We focus on optimizing the design, reducing design conflicts and the occurrence of errors. »

— Soukh Singh

WASHINGTON DC, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, USA, May 17, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — One of the most competent BIM service providers in the United States, the design and construction company Tejjy Inc. in the United States creates long-term relationships with its customers! Competent BIM company based in Maryland, USA strives to provide outstanding services to AEC professionals based on our considerable experience of over 16 years. As a BIM engineering company, Tejjy expands its horizons with technology integration completing over 2500 projects across the United States in DC, VA, MD, Baltimore, CA, Houston, and more. The wide range of building information modeling services to AEC professionals has added value to projects, improving their construction process from the conceptual stage to completion.

The multidisciplinary company with a team of talented architects, engineers, MEP consultants and BIM modellers has come a long way since 2006. Starting as a G&S concrete cutting company and expanding into CAD, BIM and digital construction, Tejjy has now expanded its reach to include 3D laser scanning, facilities management and building information modeling for digital manufacturing.

The first few years were tough with lots of ups and downs, but Tejjy persevered and eventually became a household name in the BIM modeling industry.

Sukh Singh, Vice President of Tejjy Inc., said, “Our BIM services have provided clients with better project design that is executed on time and on budget. We focus on optimizing the design, reducing design conflicts and the occurrence of errors while producing synchronized construction documents. Being one of the leading design-build organizations, Tejjy ensures that BIM services help to complete projects efficiently, with better cooperation, better decision-making and faster procedures.

Tejjy has worked on several projects, including the Archer Hotel, DC Courthouse, Niagara Restoration, and Wegmans, to name a few.

Tejjy upholds the mission of creating designs in sustainable environments, improving lives and delivering maximum value to customers. To create a bespoke construction solution, the company’s expert BIM professionals work with the latest technologies. Building dreams and relationships with BIM Automation is Tejjy’s primary focus and the company has set the standard of excellence in construction management, BIM, architecture and engineering, permit acceleration , facilities management and MEP BIM services.

Services of Tejjy Inc.:

Building Information Modeling – Tejjy creates a building information model, allowing AEC professionals to interact with the structure to improve their procedures and increase asset value. Through 4D planning, BIM modelers enable project collaboration, risk reduction and logistics planning. 5D BIM helps BIM engineering company to extract material takeoffs and cost estimate. 3D visualization, walkthrough animation and 3D modeling services make it easy to visualize customer projects at the pre-construction stage. Integrating 3D, 4D, 5D and 6D BIM digitized techniques, Tejjy explores and collaborates with cutting-edge technologies.

3D Laser Scanning – The built environment is scanned using 3D laser scanning and surveying without causing damage. High quality LiDAR cameras are used for this. Tejjy uses 3D scanners using the laser beam to accurately visualize the structure of the building. Data from a laser scan point cloud is converted into a 3D model using Revit’s Scan to BIM method. Using 3D laser scanning technology, building assets are scanned quickly and accurately. Learn more about 3D laser scanning services.

BIM Consulting Services – Outsourcing BIM services to a BIM firm helps in developing a proper BIM execution plan. BIM professionals improve your company’s return on investment. Using BIM consulting services for strategic planning with a single object model saves you time, money and resources. Building Information Modeling provides tactical assistance, conflict coordination, 3D visualization, 4D planning and 5D cost/quantity estimation.

Virtual Design and Construction – Virtual Design and Construction is an approach to building project lifecycle management with enhanced visualization. VDC companies use VR, AR and drone technology to track project progress both onsite and offsite. Tejjy’s VDC BIM services for construction engineering in the USA ensures a quality assured construction process. VDC’s skilled engineers and architects plan projects in the AEC sector using 3D BIM models and other data. Clash identification, construction cost estimating, risk management, and planning are facilitated by modeling VDCs in construction plans.

Architectural and Engineering Services – Tejjy Inc.’s architectural services include space planning and design, construction documentation, and construction management. Tejjy Inc. architects oversee residential and commercial architectural construction, renovation and remodeling processes. Adding rooms, kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling, basement finishing, interior decorating and landscaping are all part of Tejjy’s home improvement projects. To provide architectural BIM services, qualified design architects use software packages such as Revit, AutoCAD, SketchUp, SolidWorks, etc. Learn more about architectural and engineering services.

Construction Management – Innovative technology has the potential to change the execution of business processes in AEC. Tejjy Inc. BIM engineers and architects provide construction management solutions for cost effective solutions. VDC, BIM, drones, virtual reality, robotics and big data are examples of advanced construction techniques that offer a cost-effective solution for construction clients.

Permit Acceleration Services – Through the permitting process, Tejjy helps clients keep the project on track and within budget. Expert permit dispatchers with in-depth knowledge of building and zoning codes provide seamless permit approval for commercial and residential construction clients, from planning to acquiring occupancy permits.

Facilities Management and Operations – Facilities Operations and Management encompasses a wide range of services, capabilities, procedures and technologies necessary to ensure that the built environment performs the functions for which it was created. Facility operation and management helps perform the intended function of the building, including the day-to-day actions of building systems and equipment.

Technologies used by Tejjy Inc.:

Virtual Design and Build – A computer-generated simulation in which you interact with an artificial 3D environment through the use of special glasses with a display or gloves equipped with sensors.

Revit BIM – Tejjy brings together all disciplines of architecture, engineering, and construction in a single modeling environment, enabling cost-effective projects.

Robotics – Robotics offers many advantages in the construction industry. Technology helps get jobs done quickly, inexpensively and accurately. BIM experts use robotics to design, build and run systems.

Big Data – Big Data enables architects, engineers, and contractors to collect, analyze, and use data to solve business problems and recommend future activities.

Choose Tejjy to give construction a boost:

As a multidisciplinary architecture, engineering and construction management firm, Tejjy Inc. is a popular choice for AEC clients. Reasons for choosing Tejjy include:

Recognized to ship by Federal States and Fortune 500 companies

Over 1200 satisfied customers across North America

Critical projects with time and profitability

Collaboration with technologies like drone, laser scanning, 3D printer, virtual reality, GEOBIM, etc.

Want to revolutionize your construction workflow? Research BIM, construction management, architecture and engineering, permit dispatch and laser scanning and add certainty to your construction process. To find out about your construction projects, contact the BIM consultants of Tejjy Inc. in the United States at 202-465-4830 or [email protected]

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