Surya Spa at Santa Monica Proper Hotel

Project description

The 3,100 square foot Surya Spa at the Santa Monica Proper Hotel is a sight to behold from start to finish. In conjunction with the Kor Group, Kollin Altomare collaborated with renowned interior designer Kelly Wearstler and internationally acclaimed Ayurvedic physician, chef and herbalist Martha Soffer (founder and soul of Surya) to complete the flagship Ayurvedic spa.

The design reflects the hotel’s larger theme, an alluring mix of ancient jungle and modern art with a sense of relaxed sophistication and a down-to-earth vibe. Guests are greeted by undulating walls of handmade tile, then enveloped in the spa’s communal lounge – a stylized take on Surya Spa’s original Pacific Palisades kitchen and the heart of a true Surya experience.

The renovation and addition includes six serene treatment rooms painted in hues that correspond to the three doshas (energies) of the body, patios filled with fountains, living rooms, an intimate kitchen, a private meditation room and a crafting station custom oil.

A comprehensive health and wellness system originating in India over 10,000 years ago, Ayurveda covers practices such as yoga, meditation and natural medicine, all of which work together to create balance and peace. health of body, mind and spirit. Guests and residents of Surya Spa can explore and experience the value of India’s centuries-old wellness principles, straight from the leaders of modern Ayurveda.

Photography by the Ingalls

Richard F. Gandhi