Stillwater Medical Continues to Expand Facilities and Add Services | New

Stillwater Medical Center continues to add services and capacity at its main campus on Sixth Avenue and throughout the Stillwater Medical system.

Its new clinic in Cushing was completed in the spring, and expansion work is underway to add operating space at Surgery Center West, 5200 W. Sixth Ave.

Orthopedic Physical Therapy has moved from Ortho Oklahoma, 511 Windsor Dr., to a building at 406 C Star Blvd. which once housed the furniture store FFO Home.

This move allows for more treatment space in the orthopedic clinic. The remodeling of the orthopedic clinic is expected to be completed in October, Stillwater Medical Regional President/Vice President of the System, Steven Taylor, told the hospital’s facilities committee on June 14.

At the same meeting, he reported that renovations to the digital radiology room, which began in March, were nearing completion. The equipment is expected to be installed in mid-July with staff training the following week and the installation will be commissioned on August 1.

On the night of June 30, workers poured 868,000 pounds of concrete for a vault at Stillwater Cancer Center to house new cancer-fighting equipment, said Rachel Ebert Leslie, director of marketing and communications for the Stillwater Medical Foundation, in an announcement regarding the construction project.

The MR-Linac combines high-strength magnetic resonance imaging to provide high-quality, real-time images of a tumor with a linear accelerator that delivers high-precision radiation treatments to the tumor, according to MD Anderson Cancer Center. The suit allows medical personnel to track radiation response without subjecting the patient to more radiation for imaging.

It reduces the amount of healthy tissue lost and improves patient recovery time while decreasing the number of treatments needed, Leslie said. The vault walls are four feet thick to contain radiation and limit exposure.

The $7.2 million project also required an electrical service upgrade, Taylor told the facilities committee in April.

Work is underway on expanded surgical areas and a women’s health unit on the south side of the hospital. In April, the facilities committee learned that work on the women’s health unit had slowed after Oklahoma Children’s Hospital approached SMC with a proposal to partner for a continuing care unit. for infants to prevent patients discharged from intensive care from being discharged out of state. . The space had to be redesigned to accommodate 12 CCU beds in addition to the previously planned level 1 nursery.

SMC’s board of directors has approved an intensive care addition and renovation that will add 14 rooms to the six rooms available after renovations to the hospital’s existing intensive care unit. CEO Denis Webber told administrators that most facilities the size of SMC have more than 20 intensive care beds.

This project will have a guaranteed maximum price of $13.37 million.

Richard F. Gandhi