Sanalife donates services to keep Golden Gloves safe – Lowell Sun

LOWELL – Starting Thursday night, it will be hard to find peace in the Lowell Memorial Auditorium ring.

The ring will be a battleground for fighters throwing uppercuts, jabs and haymakers at the 75th Annual Greater Lowell / Central New England Golden Gloves Boxing Tournament.

Outside the ring, however, officials say Golden Gloves fans who buy tickets can have peace of mind in the still raging pandemic thanks to cutting-edge technology in air purification and air conditioning. remediation provided by a Tyngsboro company.

Sanalife officials have offered their services to the Golden Gloves and the Town of Lowell free of charge, as an investment in the community and a tribute to the Golden Gloves, a flagship event for residents of Merrimack Valley for nearly eight decades.

The tournament will last for nine weeks, culminating with the New England Tournament of Champions where the Open champions will fight on March 3-10. The winners will go to the national championships. The fights start at 7:30 p.m.

Sanalife’s robots and air purifiers will allow boxing fans to safely attend the Golden Gloves, according to company employees.

“Lowell has given me a lot. We want to give back. We have a solution, ”said Toly Chea, COO of Sanalife.

By using portable air purifiers, ultraviolet disinfection robots and hand sanitizing stations, Sanalife officials are confident they can make Golden Gloves participation a safe experience, even in a building as large as the auditorium.

Similar technology is used to ensure the safety of patrons entering the Wang and Shubert theaters in Boston. Studies have shown that UVD robots, which work with tablets, can eliminate 99% of pathogens. The robots are designed to disinfect large areas and provide fast, chemical-free, hospital-grade disinfection. The technology originated from a NASA program.

Chris Slingerland, Sanalife’s national sales manager, said his company will add air and surface protection to all auditorium entrances. Their security measures will continue in the auditorium room where fans sit and the action in the ring takes place. But the protection won’t end there.

Sanalife sanitation and air purification will extend below in the changing rooms, ensuring the safety of fighters, coaches, referees and staff.

Kevin Coughlin, President of Lowell Sun Charities, gave a tour of the auditorium earlier this week to Chea, Slingerland and Rielis Mesquita, President and CEO of Sanalife.

“It’s a great trip and I thank new Mayor Sokhary Chau for bringing us all together at a Sun Santa event,” Coughlin said. “They didn’t need to be convinced. I think that’s another dimension of giving. Philanthropy can take many forms. It is an example of philanthropy at its best. I am 100% really excited by their generosity. First, I know people will be really safe. The second element is that we got the best technology in the business and the best philanthropy from a business. This is really what makes Lowell such a great place.

The leaders of Sanalife and Coughlin were brought together by Chau, who became mayor last week. Coughlin explained the importance of Lowell Sun Charities, which supports the Golden Gloves, as well as the importance of the 75-year tournament to the community.

Within minutes, Sanalife’s decision to donate its services for free to the Golden Gloves was made.

“The minute they told me, I was in it,” said Mesquita, a longtime boxing fan.

“This is a great opportunity to protect the Golden Gloves 75th anniversary,” said Chea. “It really makes people feel comfortable again. “

“Give back to the community,” Slingerland said.

He said it was “amazing” to be able to help an event that has been around for three quarters of a century and can attract up to 2,500 people.

“We basically give them peace of mind,” Slingerland said.

Sanalife previously had offices in Bedford and Nashua, New Hampshire, before moving to Tyngsboro a few years ago.

Sanalife’s services are being used in dozens of school districts and trial courts as the pandemic shows no signs of slowing down.

Coughlin said it was important for boxing fans attending nine Thursday nights – the tournament runs Jan. 13 through March 10 – to know that they will be safe inside the auditorium.

Micky Ward, a resident of Lowell, a former world boxing champion whose life is the subject of the movie “The Fighter”, was a three-time Golden Gloves champion in the early 1980s.

The Golden Gloves have been held in the auditorium every year since 1946 until last year, when the tournament was scrapped due to the pandemic. Officials had moved the tournament from its usual start in January to April, but it was called off when the safety of everyone involved could not be guaranteed.

Richard F. Gandhi