Relax with a private spa and sauna inside a cabin in Massachusetts

Yes, you have read the title well.

There is a personal infrared sauna inside the cabin that you can camp in for cheap.

Let’s just say camping isn’t your thing. I’m talking about terrain, tent, insects, etc. Then glamping is definitely for you.

The difference? Glamping is generally easier, usually includes amenities one would find in a home or hotel, and allows non-traditional campers to get out into the woods. Glamping often takes place in cabanas, A-frames, huts, teepees, etc.

Glamping almost always has a bed.

Essentially, it NEVER includes a sauna.

“Spa in the forest too. Perfect for relaxing for two, said Peter N. in a review, June 20, 2022. “The honey theme and the infrared sauna are so cool! Mary (the host) really understood the details. You open the cabin door and instantly relax.
Spa music is on and essential oils are in the air. I feel really lucky to have spent time here.”

Finding a cabin in the woods with the peaceful solitude of camping with a sauna is a wild find.

Located just two hours from the coast and at less than $140, it’s a glamper’s (or camper’s) dream getaway. The location in Warwick, MA and the property are recommended 100% of the time (out of 50 reviews).

This place is known as “Kula Bata Tiny Kabin Infrared Sauna” and is a hipcamp, as advertised on their website.

Not only does this cabin have a sauna, but the other amenities combine camping, a hotel stay, and a home all in one.

Amenities include:

Dedicated yoga space, washer and dryer, farmhouse sink, fire pit, wrapped and covered porch, and more.

Maybe I should also mention that it is pet friendly. . . I need to book this place for me ASAP.

Curious to book? Check out the Sweet Shack page, reviews, and images below.

Kula Bata Tiny Kabin Infrared Sauna

Discover this cabin with a personal sauna. A perfect getaway for two.

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Richard F. Gandhi