Pure Serenity Wellness Center Brings Therapeutic and Spiritual Services to Region | News

Owner Ericka Hakanson stands in her salty serenity at her wellness center. Pure Serenity Wellness Center has been operating in Hastings since the start of 2020.

The Pure Serenity Wellness Centre, located in the heart of Hastings town centre, has been providing residents with healing and spiritual services for the past two years.

On its second anniversary, Pure Serenity opened on February 22, 2020 after owner and operator Ericka Hakanson felt she had been called to the area to build a wellness resort.

“I love this place and it literally called me out,” she said. “This whole place is a protest.

After recently moving to Hastings and closing her old workspace in Inver Grove Heights, Hakanson said she was driving through downtown when she saw a real estate sign pointing to her current space.

Hakanson then spoke to other local business owners to see what business was like in downtown Hastings and called the real estate company thinking it was a good space to start his wellness center.

“Then everything fell into place,” she said. “That’s not to say it was super easy, but I knew I was supported and so guided by God.”

Through her wellness center, Hakanson is a licensed massage therapist and offers a variety of massage therapies as well as Reiki treatments to promote relaxation and reduce anxiety.

Much of its wellness center is the Salt and Selenite Sanctuary. Located in the center of its building, the sanctuary is lined with salt bricks that give off a warm and relaxing glow, providing a soothing atmosphere to meditate, do yoga, or simply sit and breathe.

Hakanson said the salt shrine is still part of his plans to build his wellness center.

She said the bedroom is the perfect place to escape and relax from the world.

“When I come here I know it’s a safe space and I know I can just release whatever I need to be released,” she said.

The center uses the salt and selenite sanctuary for yoga sessions, drumming circles, or simply a meditation spot for clients.

Nor was Hakanson alone in this business venture. Along with her, other healers fill the space to offer a myriad of therapeutic and spiritual services.

Pure Serenity 2 Wellness Center

The owner of Pure Serenity Wellness Center, Ericka Hakanson, is a licensed massage therapist who offers relaxing massages and Reiki energy treatments.

At Pure Serenity, Barry Carnahan offers acupuncture sessions as a state-licensed acupuncturist specializing in a mind-body approach and Mary Caturia is a licensed esthetician who offers facials, waxings, acne treatments and personalized skin care.

The wellness center is also home to Beth Jacobson who works as a soul coach and quantum healer to help guide people to what their soul asks of them, yoga teacher Theresa Charpentier and massage therapist Natalie Briones.

Pure Serenity 3 Wellness Center

Hakanson works with local sellers to offer jewelry sales from her center.

Along with the myriad of healing and spiritual services offered by the wellness center, visitors can also find jewelry and crystal pop-ups throughout the place set up by local vendors.

To schedule a visit or learn more about Pure Serenity, visit their website at www.PureSerenityMN.com.

Richard F. Gandhi