Passenger Services Committee inspects stations in Mysuru Division

Mysuru: The Passenger Services Committee (PSC), constituted by the Ministry of Railways (MoR) at the national level, has inspected passenger services provided at stations. Committee members inspected various stations in Mysuru division including Hassan, Sakleshpur, Birur, Arsikere, Nanjangud and Chamarajanagar from 18th to 20th May.

The committee, consisting of Kishore Shanbag, Baby Chanky, Pranab Baruah, and Shivaraj K. Gangde, inspected the various amenities provided at the station for passengers such as waiting rooms, ongoing and advance booking desks, payment and use of toilets in the circulation area, parking facilities, pedestrian bridge, elevators, security and surveillance system, catering and various stands and others. The Committee expressed its satisfaction with the extent of the equipment and the high level of cleanliness maintained at the Station. Committee members also interacted with rail users at stations to get first-hand feedback on what they thought of the services provided at the station.

Later in the day, Committee members held discussions with Divisional Director of Railways Rahul Agarwal at his office in Mysuru on several key issues relating to passenger amenities and services provided to passengers.

The committee will submit a report on its observations made during the inspections and its recommendations, if any, to the Régie des chemins de fer.

Passenger Services Committee inspects railway stations-1

Additional Divisional Director of Railways, A. Devasahayam, Senior Divisional Commercial Director, Dr. Manjunath Kanamadi, and other senior officers from Mysuru Division were present during the inspections.

Richard F. Gandhi