More facilities in demand as tourist numbers in KP increase

The influx of tourists to the scenic spots of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) was on the rise as around 33,027 people from all over the country visited various destinations in one day to enjoy the pleasant weather. Different places in KP province are known for low temperature in summer and are the main attraction reason for tourists from lowland towns where mercury even reached the 45°C mark.

Statistics released daily by the KP Integrated Tourism Development Project (KITE) revealed on Wednesday that Galiyat attracted 16,311 tourists, Kaghan/Naran 13,321, Malam Jabba 2,140, ​​Chitral Lower 638 and Upper Dir regions attracted 452 tourists.

A senior KITE official said the hotel industry is doing good business due to the increase in summer tourism. Moreover, a large number of tourists are also expected during the Eid al-Azha holiday. The administration is in the process of finalizing all the provisions to facilitate the reception of tourists, especially during the holidays.

When asked, the official said that Murree already attracts a large number of domestic tourists on a daily basis, especially on weekends. In addition, schools Summer holidays are also the other reason for the increase in the influx of tourists. A national tourist, Benish Atif, said she recently visited the northern regions. She said hotel prices were too high, and most food outlets served unhygienic food.

While expensive trips in jeeps and other means of transport were another problem for tourists who have to pay extra fees to visit in and around the areas they visit. Similarly, another tourist from Punjab, in a telephone conversation, said that hotels in different hilly areas also charge exorbitant prices, asking the relevant authorities to draw up regulations and set affordable daily rates for the hotel. hotel accommodation.

Richard F. Gandhi