Miraval Berkshires and Park Hyatt New York team up for Spa Escape

When it comes to serious R&R, are you a city mouse or a country mouse? A partnership between bucolic wellness retreat Miraval Berkshires and Park Hyatt New York means you no longer have to make a choice. The Town & Country Package (aptly named, but unrelated to this post), which runs through the end of 2022, offers the chance to stay at both properties and take advantage of the restorative perks each can offer.

Town? At the Park Hyatt, located at 57e street right next to the green expanse of Central Park, Manhattan’s myriad entertainment lies at your feet. After embracing the city’s whirlwind of energy and culture, you can retreat to Spa Nalai, the hotel’s ultra-luxurious and ultra-serene wellness space. Perched high in the Park Hyatt skyscraper, the spa’s windows overlook the rooftops and bustling city streets, but the atmosphere is Zen incarnate. Relaxing in the hydrotherapy area is a must, and don’t miss the Nalai Signature Massage, a customizable 60-90 minute treatment that will soothe sore muscles after walking all day and set you up for a blissful rest in your room. hotel above the bustling metropolis.


Miraval Spa Lounge


Country? Miraval Berkshires is a one-of-a-kind experience – a 360 degree approach to rebooting mind, body and spirit. Mindfulness and gratitude are central to all programming, but the property’s offerings also encourage artistic expression, play, and curiosity. Take a pottery class, have your aura photographed, meditate in a meadow among grazing horses… honestly, the possibilities are endless. You could certainly spend the whole day outside, but the Life in Balance Spa awaits. Everything is in place to help you slow down, from the stones that you are invited to balance (mindfully!) upon entering, to the circular relaxation room equipped with a fireplace and the indoor/outdoor hot tubs. But it’s the treatment menu that will really blow you away. Must try: the exclusive Vasudhara experience, where you float in warm water with your eyes shielded while you receive a tension-melting Thai massage. Another: the Renew & Restore facial, which was created by Manhattan dermatologist Dr. Dennis Gross (he created the award-winning Alpha-Beta Peel Pads). It’s unusual, if not unheard of, to find a professional-caliber facial treatment at a wellness retreat, but this one delivers the visible results you’d expect to see after leaving Dr. Gross’ practice, exfoliating and hydrating the skin with powerful ingredients. which leave the complexion radiant.

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Miraval treatment room.


Miraval’s farm-to-table fare (comes with a wine list, if desired) offers a very pleasant rather than restrictive detox — and a pleasant way to reset after New York’s indulgences. At Miraval, it’s nearly impossible not to find peace – and even if you’re forced to revert to the sensory overstimulation of hectic city life, you’ll walk away with the tools you need to make that peace and skin last. dazzling. .

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Richard F. Gandhi