meeting highlights lack of facilities in Fort Kochi | Kochi News

KOCHI: The agenda for a meeting of Cochin Heritage Area Conservation Society, an organization headed by the District Collector to ensure the protection of heritage areas in Kochi, held on Thursday turned out to be a list of facilities that are lacking in the Fort Kochi area. The minutes of the meeting indicate that the area lacks public toilets and adequate cleaning facilities and that there are anomalies in the functioning of various facilities like the folk theater and the dormitories.
The minutes also indicate that the renovation of the Chinese nets, considered Fort Kochi’s signature, has been behind schedule for some time. According to the minutes, Cochin Heritage Zone Conservation Society operates three public toilets in the Fort Cochin Region. Of these, two require urgent renovation. Tourists visiting Fort Kochi Beach need public restrooms. Although funds were allocated by the tourism department for the construction of a toilet complex in the area, the complex could not be built due to lack of space. A public toilet built in parade ground in 2004 is unusable now. The same goes for the toilets built by the District Tourism Promotion Board (DTPC) in Nehru Park. The exit from another toilet, built at the Fort Kochi Tourist Amenity Center, opens to the backwaters, the minutes said.
“Fort Kochi is one of the major tourist destinations in Kochi. Yet agencies such as the Cochin Heritage Zone Conservation Society do nothing to provide proper facilities here,” said Antoine KurethraCouncilor of Fort Kochi Division and Leader of Opposition in Kochi Society.
Another issue that appeared in the minutes of the meeting is that food courts allocated in the Fort Kochi area are sublet by tenants. Measures have been taken to act against these tenants. The person who operates the Fort Kochi Folk Theater under company ownership has not paid rent since March 2022. Another person who rented the company-owned dormitory has not paid rent since October 2021. In addition, the dormitory, which should be allocated to tourists, is used to house employees of his hotel, the minutes indicate.

Richard F. Gandhi