Livermore Public Library expands services

Volunteer Carol Johnson holds one of the many cake pans Livermore Public Library is now lending to the community on Thursday, June 30. The cake pan lending program is part of Livermore Public Library’s increased efforts to expand the types of services CA offers. Kay Neufeld/Franklin Journal

LIVERMORE – Livermore Public Library is expanding its services in a changing media landscape.

The library started with a loan pan program. Thanks to volunteer Carol Johnson, the library has amassed a collection of over 65 cake pans and counts all different shapes and sizes.

Locals can borrow everything from wedding cake pans to Elmo and Ariel the mermaid shapes.

Johnson said she got the idea for the cake pans from another library and went to eBay.

“It snowballed to the point of buying [65] cake pans,” Johnson joked.

“The intention was to open the library to more than books,” she added. “I liked the idea that people didn’t have to go out and buy cake pans.”

Librarian Amanda Barton said the cake pan program is part of a larger effort to expand library resources and meet community needs.

With so much accessible online these days, the library tries to think outside the box, Barton said.

“Libraries today need to diversify to meet community expectations or needs,” she added.

Alongside the cake pans, the Livermore Public Library is hosting story times with guest readers every Saturday at 10:30 a.m. until August 13, a book club (with the next discussion on Bedroom to be held on July 12) and a cloud library where library members can access e-books and audiobooks.

And, perhaps next year, the library plans to purchase a community state park pass that can be loaned to library members.

Barton said she and the volunteers will also do whatever they can to help community members, whether it’s creating an online library account, helping with technology or more.

“We are just a resource of all things,” she said. “A library is important because it’s all about resources and knowledge, trying to help the community in whatever it needs.”

“We also try to encourage the little ones to read,” Johnson added.

Library membership is free for all residents of Livermore, as well as residents of surrounding towns.

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