Lactation Consultations Added to Service Line at Women’s Care Associates at Clarion | New

MONROE TWP. – Among the new and improved services offered by Butler Health System (BHS), Clarion Hospital has a new consultation service for breastfeeding mothers.

In addition to its longstanding breastfeeding classes and weekly support group, BHS Women’s Care Associates now offers one-on-one breastfeeding consultations at the Butler and Clarion offices.

“It’s exciting,” said Jayme Baumcratz, Certified Registered Nurse Practitioner (CRNP) and International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC), during Lactation Consultations last Friday. “We just had our first last week.”

According to Baumcratz, the idea for the consultations came from conversations between herself and Amanda DeLoe, BHS practice administrator, about the need for area mothers to have a more intimate option for birthing assistance. breastfeeding, as opposed to the breastfeeding support group.

“It’s not private, and it’s not one-on-one,” Baumcratz said of the support group, explaining that while the public setting is wonderful for mothers to share information and experiences, some women may not always feel comfortable sharing their concerns in a public form.

During the one-on-one hour-long counseling sessions, Baumcratz — who, although new as a CRNP, has been a lactation consultant for about 20 years — said she helps women with breastfeeding issues through a variety of ratings and positions.

“We’re seeing what’s going on and working together on a plan to try to make things better so that mother and baby can achieve their goals,” she said, pointing out that while many people think the Breastfeeding should come naturally, it’s a learned behavior. both for mothers and infants. “Babies and moms need to be educated.”

DeLoe said the consultations are billable by insurance, and Baumcratz added that partners of breastfeeding mothers can also attend the sessions.

“It’s another pair of ears that can help retain information,” Baumcratz said. “It’s really helpful to have the partner there.”

In fact, Baumcratz said, partners are also encouraged to attend breastfeeding education classes that are held monthly alternately at Clarion Health and Wellness Center and Butler’s Crossroads Campus.

“We go over quite a bit of information to prepare moms for breastfeeding before their baby is born,” she said, explaining that the three-hour course covers breastfeeding procedures.

Classes will be held from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. on July 5, September 6, and November 1 at Butler, and August 3, October 5, and December 7 at Clarion. Classes are $40 and financial aid is available.

After the birth of their baby, local mothers also have the opportunity to attend a free weekly breastfeeding support group at Clarion.

“The best thing about this group is that moms can interact with other moms,” Baumcratz said of the support group, which meets Friday mornings from 10-11 a.m. in the health center conference room. and well-being. No prior registration is required for the support group. “We have women from five surrounding counties coming; it’s pretty cool.

Baumcratz and DeLoe also pointed out that all breastfeeding services are open to all women, whether or not they are BHS patients.

In addition to breastfeeding services, BHS Women’s Care Associates offers comprehensive prenatal care at its Clarion facility.

“When Clarion ended her labor and delivery, everyone thought we weren’t doing any kind of prenatal care here anymore, which is absolutely not the truth,” DeLoe said, noting that patients may have lab work, detailed anatomy and 3D ultrasounds. , non-fetal stress tests and routine appointments all in one building. “Yes, you have to go to Butler to deliver, but everything else is done here.”

DeLoe also said Clarion’s office offers NxGen infertility, urodynamics and hereditary cancer testing.

The facility also continues to offer long-standing services that are rooted in an earlier merger between Clarion Hospital and Adagio Health Clarion, including free family planning and an office visit, contraceptives, and HIV testing. STDs for anyone between the ages of 13 and 21.

“It’s all free whether they have insurance or not,” DeLoe said.

She added that a similar free or reduced program is also available to anyone between the ages of 21 and 55 depending on family size and income.

“That means they might have to pay 25 to 75 percent or nothing, it depends,” DeLoe said, noting that birth control pills and other contraceptives are available on site. “They are able to get them directly from our stock.”

For people age 55 and older, DeLoe said, Women’s Care Associates offers the Department of Health’s Breast and Cervical Cancer Early Detection Program, which offers early cancer screening for people with low income, underinsured or uninsured.

“This program allows them to get a free voucher, based on their family size and income, so they can come for their mammogram or Pap test,” she explained. “If anything comes back abnormal, we will continue to cover any tests they may need, [and] God forbid they come back positive for cancer, they can go to another program with medical assistance.

A final service offered by the Clarion office is an STD (sexually transmitted diseases) program through the Department of Health. This free, confidential program includes STD testing for men and women, regardless of age, family size, income, or insurance.

“Anyone can get it,” DeLoe said, explaining that patients can receive a free visit with a provider who will determine what type of lab test to perform on-site.

“If a patient tests positive for anything, we have those drugs on hand,” she continued, adding that the program also offers free pregnancy tests and condoms to anyone who needs them.

Looking to the future, DeLoe and Baumcratz said they would like to see the expansion and growth of all services offered by Women’s Care Associates, especially STD testing and a program for the LGBTQ community.

“I think a lot of people really don’t realize what we’re offering,” DeLoe said, reflecting on Women’s Care Associates’ range of offerings. “They think we’re just another OB/GYN practice, but we offer so much more.”

For more information about any of the BHS Women’s Care Associates services or to schedule an appointment, call 844-765-2845.

Richard F. Gandhi