Indonesians urged to take rappels to access public facilities

Hopefully over 2.5 years of experience has gotten us used to dealing with various conditions during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Jakarta (ANTARA) – Coordinator of the expert team and government spokesperson for the management of COVID-19 Wiku Adisasmito has urged people to take the third dose, or booster vaccination, without further delay in order to access public facilities.

“Visit the nearest vaccination center immediately for a booster,” he noted at the press conference on the development of COVID-19 management in Indonesia attended virtually on Wednesday.

The policy that mandates booster vaccination to access public facilities will be implemented alongside the release of Task Force Circulation Letters #21 of 2022 and #22 of 2022.

Both circulation letters will be issued on July 17, 2022.

People can search for information about the nearest vaccination centers using internet technology, such as Google Maps, Adisasmito said.

“People can also visit government-owned health facilities, such as hospitals and puskesmas (public health centers) as well as several private hospitals and public facilities,” he added.

He pointed out that vaccination basically has three major benefits: preventing infection, preventing exacerbation of symptoms if infected, and reducing the number of viruses circulating in the body to prevent transmission.

Adisasmito took the opportunity to once again remind people to continue to respect health protocols and to be vigilant without panicking.

“Hopefully, over 2.5 years of experience has accustomed us to managing various conditions during the COVID-19 pandemic,” Adisasmito remarked.

Earlier, Health Ministry Spokesperson Mohammad Syaril noted that booster vaccination will become a condition for people to carry out activities in public space to protect them from COVID-19.

The public space he meant includes public vehicles, large-scale gatherings, including in malls or malls, and hotels.

Vaccination is a requirement, so that people can avoid infection with serious illnesses caused by COVID-19 and protect the population as a whole.

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Richard F. Gandhi