Future of remaining MIQ installations

The closure of the four remaining MIQ facilities will be brought forward due to the very low number of users of the facilities.

Currently, only 95 people are using 54 rooms (32 in isolation and 22 in quarantine) in four hotels. A decision in principle has been taken to liquidate them by August 2022.

“Four MIQ facilities were originally scheduled to operate until December 2022 at the latest. MIQ is now only used in very limited circumstances,” said Andy Milne, Head of MIQ.

“There is no longer a requirement for anyone arriving in New Zealand to enter MIQ. Additionally, demand for MIQ from community cases, particularly during the peak of Omicron in Auckland, has been more lower than expected.

“Given the lack of demand, it has been decided that the dismantling of the last four installations will be brought forward.

“We know this is a troubling time for our workers and will do everything we can to ensure they are well taken care of. The commitment of all our facilities and all our workers throughout this period has been extraordinary and we cannot thank them enough.

“MIQ’s workforce helped nearly 230,000 travelers return home. They also treated over 5,000 community cases.

“MIQ workers have been on the front lines of preventing COVID-19 from entering New Zealand, and they have made considerable personal sacrifices to ensure the wider community is safe.”

Planning continues for a National Quarantine Service to ensure the government is prepared for any future variations or threats.

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Richard F. Gandhi