Film set used in BBC soap opera to get hotel facilities

The production studio and the set of the “Ciudad del Cine” are located near Coín. / ON

The new layout will be able to host sporting or cultural events alongside existing audiovisual productions

Coín’s ‘Ciudad del Cine’ film set, first used in 1992 for the BBC soap opera El Dorado, may soon welcome new visitors.

Coín City Hall has issued a tender for a private company to develop a tourist complex on the 137,000 square meter site. The successful bidder will manage the space for 50 years by paying an annual fee of 77,386 euros.

The conditions stipulate that the business plan must include the continued operation of the Ciudad del Cine as a setting for audiovisual productions; the number of projects using the facility has increased, thanks to its collaboration with Canal Sur. In 2021, it was used to film part of the HBO series His Dark Materials and Desconocidas by Canal Sur.

The new development, which is expected to include a five-star hotel, will have to accommodate film crews as well as tourists.

The Council of Coín told SUR that there are several companies interested. The objective of the new project is to renovate and develop the Ciudad del Cine, as well as to create a new space that can accommodate a variety of different activities, such as tourism, sport, culture, leisure and technology.

Among other criteria, priority will be given to projects whose architecture integrates aesthetically with existing buildings, gardens and filming areas, as well as environmentally friendly projects.

Richard F. Gandhi