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By Leanne Avery, Community Center Assistant

COOK COUNTRY, MINNESOTA June 5, 2022 (LSNews) Many Cook County residents now consider the community center “the place I went to get my COVID shot.” It is true that the community center played a vital role in Cook County’s incredible implementation of a massive vaccination program. The arena was a hive of constant activity as clinic and public health staff faithfully administered vaccines to community members.

In addition to providing space for mass vaccinations and a staging area for emergency management operations, what does the Community Center have to offer Cook County residents and how do I access everything the community center has to offer?

Our 19-acre campus has a great playground for toddlers and young children, a skate park for older kids and teens, and tennis courts for people of all ages. Additionally, the property includes a community garden, an equestrian arena, an outdoor skating rink with a warming house for winter recreation, and a baseball stadium for community sports and events. The community center is also home to the Cook County Curling Club; their season runs from October to March each year.

In addition to the wide variety of recreational opportunities accessible on the Community Center grounds, there are a wide range of facilities available for Cook County residents to use and enjoy. Facility rental information can be found on the Cook County website or by calling the community center at 218-387-3015. From community meetings and space for classes, to clubs and activities, the community center is a favorite place for groups. You can rent space to host a family reunion, your child’s birthday party, a graduation event, or a holiday celebration for family and friends.

The Conference room offers a table and up to 10 chairs, perfect for a small meeting or group conference. If your event involves more people, the Community hall suitable for a larger meeting or activity. The space has a large projection screen (users must bring their own projector), a large TV that users can hook up to a laptop via an HDMI cable, and the ability to set up tables and chairs. chairs to accommodate 50 to 100 people, depending on the room. arrangement.

The log building onsite is a popular location for everything from dance lessons and recitals to parties and clearance sales. The space has a wood floor, a gas fireplace, a refrigerator and a coffee maker for your event. The Log Building can accommodate 25 to 50 people, depending on the planned activity.

interior Arena at the Community Center is an ideal place to hold a large event for up to 500 people. It has been used for wedding receptions, fairs, fitness activities and many large community events. Although it is a large space, the rental costs are still economical.

Another feature of the community center is our commercial kitchen which is also available for hire. It can be booked alone or in conjunction with another space to prepare and serve food for your meeting, gathering or event. Because the kitchen is fully stocked with appliances, dishes, and utensils, it provides a convenient way to cook and serve for any event you wish to host at the community center.

Another offering from the Community Center is the Food Entrepreneur Incubator Program. The commercial kitchen can be rented under this program by start-up food businesses as they start up. We recognize and appreciate the unique challenges of starting a small food business. We seek to encourage and support these Cook County entrepreneurs by providing a certified commercial kitchen for a limited, pre-determined period while setting up a business. The kitchen is made available to the new company for a small hourly rate by reservation. Individuals use the kitchen to prepare food for the business for distribution or sale/serving at a designated location. During this start-up phase, the entrepreneur is looking for a more permanent location to house their food business.

The Cook County Community Center is an incredible resource for residents and visitors to use whether you are looking for a place to play, grow food, host a party or start a business.

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By Leanne Avery, Community Center Assistant

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About Cook County Minnesota

Cook County sits at the tip of the Arrowhead region of Minnesota, in the remote northeastern part of the state, which stretches from the shores of Lake Superior to the Canada-US border. By land, it borders Ontario, Canada to the north, and Lake County, MN to the west. Minnesota’s highest point, Eagle Mountain, is 2,301 feet and the tallest lake, the total area equals 3,339.72 square miles.

Cook County is home to three National Protected Areas:
Grand Portage National Monument
Upper National Forest
Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness

Cook County includes:
Grand Marais Lutsen Mountains
Upper Gunflint Trail
Grand Portage

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