Colquitt Co. Elementary Schools to Provide Telehealth Services

MOULTRIE, Ga. (WALB) – The Colquitt County School District is partnering with Colquitt Regional Medical Center to expand telehealth services. This partnership will save parents time and money.

If your child feels ill, the school nurse can schedule a telehealth visit with a local doctor. A simple phone call could save parents time away from work.

Virtual visits during the pandemic made it difficult to fully examine the patient, as the doctor could only view the patient through a screen.

Dr. Woodwin Weeks is the Director of Studies at Colquitt Regional Medical Center.(Source: WALB)

“In this case, we have nurses, very trained nurses who have vital signs, instruments for nurses to help us do a full physical examination by looking into the ears and throat, listening to breath sounds, listening to the heart, doing a belly exam and all that,” said Dr. Woodwin Weeks, director of studies at Colquitt Regional Medical Center.

Kristin Moore, the school nurse, shows how she assesses students’ needs by connecting them to a virtual waiting room.

JM Odom Elementary School is one of 10 elementary schools in total that has this new program...
JM Odom Elementary School is one of a total of 10 elementary schools to offer this new program.(Source: WALB)

After determining if a child might have an ear infection, she can upload a photo of it and send it directly to the doctor who can make a diagnosis.

A parent says he is grateful that the school can respond more quickly to his child’s needs, without having to interrupt the work day.

Leticia Walden is a mother who signed up and tried out the new telehealth service.
Leticia Walden is a mother who signed up and tried out the new telehealth service.(Source: WALB)

“Before, if I had to call the doctor for an ear infection, a cough or a fever. Sometimes they couldn’t see them that day. But if we call the school often, they have someone dedicated in that office to do telehealth, so your child is seen that day and you get the medicine to treat the problem that day,” said Leticia Walden, a parent who signed up for the service.

School starts Wednesday for Colquitt County students. Expanding telehealth services is a great way to get fast and efficient treatment services without having to visit your local doctor’s office.

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