Cedar Ridge Expands Services with Alternative School and Rehab Center

Cedar Ridge Behavioral Health Solutions is preparing to expand services with the addition of an alternative school and drug rehabilitation center in Cambridge.

Cedar Ridge purchased the former City of Cambridge Administration Building at 1131 Steubenville Ave. last summer.

The building is being renovated to house several new programs, including an alternative school and supervised tours.

The alternative school will consist of two classrooms and will accommodate 20 students from kindergarten through fifth grade. Its opening is scheduled for August.

According to Family Services Coordinator Chrissy Anker, students will be accepted based on a recommendation from their school and their IEP (Individual Education Plan) and behavioral or mental health issues.

Anker describes the school as an alternative placement program for young people who face trauma, mental health or behavioral issues that can disrupt a typical classroom.

“They will be able to get the treatment they need and can stay a whole school day,” Anker said. This prevents children’s school days from being cut short due to behaviors. »

One classroom will be for kindergarten to second grade and the other for third to fifth grade. Each room will have a teacher, a mental health technician and therapists. Classes will have a student/teacher ratio of 10 to 1. Teachers will be provided by the Center for Educational Services.

Cedar Ridge purchased the former City of Cambridge administration building at 1131 Steubenville Ave. last summer for an alternative school.

In addition to meeting the educational needs of students, the school will offer group, individual and family therapy sessions as needed.

“The alternative school is something that school districts have needed for some time,” Anker said. Schools would generally have to send students out of the district due to the lack of an alternative school in the area.

A second building, now known as The Residence at Cedar Ridge, located at 62737 Georgetown Road, was also purchased last summer. This building is the site of the organization’s recently opened drug rehabilitation center.

“We have many services at Cedar Ridge so we can approach a whole person approach,” said Megan Durant, director of employment services. “We work with (clients) from start to finish.”

The Cedar Ridge residence opened on March 2 as a 15-bed co-educational drug treatment facility, where the average stay is three to five days.

Durant said that before a client could go to a treatment center, he had to detox and without a nearby rehab center accepting full insurance coverage, he was sending clients to cities such as Cincinnati and Cleveland. .

One of the bedrooms at the Cedar Ridge Residence.

The residence has not yet reached full capacity, but accommodates an average of six residents at a time.

During the month of April, the facility made 12 internal transfers to its outpatient offices in Cambridge, Zanesville and St. Clairsville or to one of its residential treatment facilities. There were others who took aftercare elsewhere.

The facility accepts Medicaid and self-pay, and is open to any Ohio resident.

“We are a medical detox center and we use comfort meds and we use the bridge, which is about the size of half a dollar and fits behind the ear to send tiny electrical signals to the brain to ‘eliminate pain signals sent from the spine to the brain,” Winland said. “It’s used for our opioid detox. (Customers) have a choice whether to use it or not.”

The mansion located at 62737 Georgetown Road, is now The Residence at Cedar Ridge and is used for drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

Clients can participate in a variety of group sessions, such as journaling, goals and reflections, or music therapy.

Clients can leave at will if they choose not to complete the program. Facility administrators work with local courts to arrange treatment in lieu of jail for some offenders.

Access to the facility is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

For more information, call 1-855-692-7247.

Richard F. Gandhi