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Former Deputy Prime Minister Winston Peters seeks legal advice after becoming the latest person to be barred from the precincts of Parliament during the February-March protest.

The New Zealand First leader was raped for a period of two years after his brief appearance during the occupation of the parliamentary precinct two months ago. Although Peters did not speak at the protest, his maskless appearance drew large crowds and grabbed headlines.

In a statement, Peters accused House Speaker Trevor Mallard of “dictatorial behavior” and said his actions “should be reserved for Third World banana republics.”

Despite Peters’ claims, Mallard claimed that the intrusion decisions were made by House Security and not him.

“The fact that Mallard chose to deliberately ignore the gaping holes in his reasoning, and the intent and operation of the Parliamentary Services Act 2000 and the Trespass Act 1980, is also remarkable. only proof of his boundless arrogance,” said Peters, who claimed the trespassing action was “backed by Labour.”

It was confirmed last night that former national MP Matt King was also trespassed for his involvement in the occupation.

Peters said there was a difference between the actions of peaceful protesters and those that escalated violence. “There is also a difference between those who were on the parliamentary ground and took an active part in the protest – and those who were not,” he said. “Remember the protesters asked me to come and speak to them – as they had asked all current MPs who had refused to do so.”

Winston Peters addressing protesters during the occupation of parliament (Photo: Stewart Sowman-Lund)

Peters, like King, intends to run in the 2023 legislative election. The trespassing action showed Mallard “lost the plot,” Peters said. “New Zealanders should not accept this type of totalitarian behavior from the speaker – nor should the Prime Minister or parliament.”

Jacinda Ardern would not comment on the matter when asked by Newshub. “I consider it entirely a matter of the speaker how he chooses to deal with the aftermath of the protest and the presence of protesters,” the prime minister said.

It is not yet known who else has been officially intruded. As noted by Toby Manhire of The Spinoff, there is no suggestion that those who were instrumental in handling the event, such as the leaders of Convoy 2020 and the Freedom and Rights Coalition, received similar letters. .

Peters wondered if members of the media who wandered among the protesters would also be barred from parliament. The Spinoff was on the grounds for a week of the event and has so far received no trespassing notices.

“Is this trespassing order from Mallard reserved for certain people in the media and others who share balanced views on the current government?” Peters asked. “Or does it depend on who he thinks should and shouldn’t be the target of his dictatorial regime?”

Speaking to RNZ, Peters said he thought the notice was “a joke” when it first arrived in his letterbox. When asked if he would ignore the advice, Peters replied that he would “do much more than that… This must not go unchallenged”.

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Richard F. Gandhi