Amazon offers influencers spa treatments and surf lessons at a luxury resort

Welcome to Bezos Beach.

Amazon sent a group of Instagram, TikTok and YouTube influencers to a posh Mexican resort last month as the company seeks to bolster its marketing efforts.

The video creators, who are members of the “Amazon Influencers” program, were given three free days at the Paradero Todos Santos resort in Baja California by the Jeff Bezos-owned e-commerce giant.

They were offered surf lessons and spa treatments, as well as free cocktails at luxury cabanas at the resort, where rooms typically cost more than $600 a night.

The company dubbed a beach near the resort “Kindle Beach Oasis” and held a “Prime Video Movie Night”. The influencers also strolled through a pop-up store of Amazon’s “internet famous” items.

Amazon influencer Kirsten Titus documented the trip in a Youtube video, bursting out of his hotel room. She also touted “farming activity” where influencers in dresses donned work gloves and knelt in a field.

Another person who attended, beauty influencer Raye Boyce, documented an Amazon-sponsored “mom self-care day” in a Instagram Video.

Amazon pays popular social media users to promote its products. Influencers earn 10% commissions for promoting luxury beauty items and 20% if they promote Amazon video games, according to CNBC, which reported for the first time on the Mexican retreat.

Amazon is far from the only retailer to hire influencers. The value of the influencer marketing industry has grown from $1.7 billion in 2016 to $13.8 billion in 2021, according to research by Influencer Marketing Hub.

The company has been running its influencer marketing program since 2017. Besides the retreat in Mexico, Amazon has also held recent influencer events in New York and Los Angeles, CNBC reported.

Meredith Silver, director of creator growth at Amazon, told The Post that Amazon organized the event as an opportunity “to connect in person and facilitate a sense of community among our creators, to educate them and to inspire them, and to thank them for being part of our program.

Richard F. Gandhi