Abingdon outdoor swimming pool set to reopen

The ABINGDON outdoor swimming pool is expected to reopen in the coming weeks.

Abbey Meadow Pool, which is owned by Vale of White Horse District Council, will reopen on July 25 for six weeks.

It comes after the council agreed a financial package with GLL, the company it employs to run the swimming pool, setting the timetable for the opening of the summer holidays which will run until 2026.

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In the past, locals have campaigned for the lido to be restored to its former glory, with the council revealing that reopening posed a “significant financial challenge”.

The council said the outdoor pool would be very expensive to operate, as heating costs are expected to be around £107,000, up from £47,000 in previous seasons.

In May, the council agreed to the deal to ensure the pool can open when it is most needed, even though running costs like fuel oil to heat the pool have more than doubled.

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A spokeswoman for Vale of White Horse District Council said: ‘The GLL team, who run our leisure services, are busy getting the Abbey Meadow outdoor pool ready to open for the school holidays in summer.

“It takes a few weeks for everything to be ready, including the necessary maintenance, cleaning and filling of the swimming pool and staff training.

“We look forward to seeing early morning swimmers and families enjoying this popular facility.”

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