2B3D Seeks Federal Funding for Veteran Suicide Prevention and Virtual Reality Health Care Services


First-of-its-kind metaverse for veteran mental health establishes new federal division to target grants, awards and endowments

Newport Beach, Calif., July 20, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — via NewMediaWire — 2B3D, a veteran-run mental health technology solutions company specializing in virtual reality, gaming, and NFTs, will introduce its innovative suicide prevention solution VRx to the U.S. federal government this fall through the creation of a new division focused on federal and state programs such as the Veteran Administration (VA) and America’s Seed Fund programs that provide more than $4 billion in funding each year.

Suicide is a serious public health problem affecting communities around the world. In 2019, more than 45,000 American adults died by suicide, including 6,261 American veterans. Although suicide can affect all Americans, it has a disproportionate impact on the veteran community. 2B3D has already set the conditions for the best suicide prevention and PTSD treatment services in its metaverse. For example, his active participation in the VA’s Mission Daybreak exercise, formerly known as the Suicide Prevention Grand Challenge – a $20 million grand challenge to reduce veteran suicides – is exactly the type of opportunity where 2B3D can demonstrate its unique capabilities.

2B3D’s Virtual Reality Medical Environment (VRME) will enable real-time medical services and is a platform that enables the seamless integration of existing telehealth services. It is the next evolutionary step in telehealth technology and will combat veteran suicide head-on within the critical first 5 minutes of suicide contemplation. In addition to a decentralized metaverse, the company is behind active and developing communities in the cryptoverse, including services such as VRx Virtual Healthcare with NFT prescriptions and blockchain technology, RestXP B2B meeting rooms with crypto reward at rest and NFTy150’s NFT market with minting. option and showroom. 2B3D’s VRx will deliver critical mental health services and set the conditions to enable the migration of existing telehealth service platforms into its metaverse.

“Our development of the VRME, currently in beta testing for Phase 1, will allow us to demonstrate our solution to participants fully immersed in a veteran-friendly virtual environment that provides real-time crisis response and other key patient care capabilities. health and community services,” said Robert Bell, CEO of 2B3D. “Additionally, we intend to integrate most of the legacy telehealth infrastructure and examine options, such as blockchain, to streamline and secure critical functions such as patient records.”

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About 2B3D
2B3D is a decentralized metaverse with active and developing communities in the cryptoverse. The 2B3D metaverse includes several main projects:

  • VRx | Virtual healthcare with NFT prescriptions and real-life professionals.

  • NFTy150 | NFT market, minting option and showroom.

  • Topher’s Hell | Connecting enthusiastic gamers to ambitious developers.

  • RestXP | B2B meeting rooms with crypto reward at rest.

  • So Many Gods | A space-themed Play-to-Earn sci-fi looter shooter.

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